RTI’s large multidisciplinary team of experts, experienced in building and engineering projects, are known for our dedication to quality and client satisfaction.

  • Construction Defects
  • Commerical Structures
  • Cranes & Heavy Equipment
  • Delay Analysis & Investigation
  • Worksite Safety & Health
  • Commercial and residential Roofs
  • Architecture & Property Management
  • Wood Science
  • Mining Construction & Geology

RTI’s established team of construction experts include architects, contractors, and civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers. Our construction professionals are knowledgeable in their areas of specialization and capable of analyzing complex aspects of the manmade environment to determine how and why unintended events occur.

In addition, our experts have a wealth of experience assisting our clients with scheduling, design adequacy, and delay claims. Often these analyses are aided and enhanced by graphics and animations produced by RTI’s talented Imaging Sciences Group.

RTI clients include owners, landlords, purchasers, contractors, subcontractors, insurers, and other organizations involved in the construction industry.  Our knowledge extends to a wide variety of projects, ranging from domestic housing and commercial developments to large Private Funded Initiative (PFI) hospital projects, with experience in most forms of contract including, but not limited to, NEC, ICE, GC Works, or PFI forms.