As a Senior Air Safety Investigator/Air Safety Manager, he has investigated over 50 incidents and accidents within the airlines.  He has led a team to investigate the causal factors, writing comprehensive incident reports that included recommendations to the airlines boards to prevent recurrence. He has extensive flight operational experience having over 8500 flying hours on the B747 and Concorde as a Flight Engineer, and he is also a Licensed Aircraft Engineer.

He was the editor of FLYWISE, the BA corporate safety magazine which is considered an industry leader and a ‘Benchmark’ in the reporting of safety information. He was the elected Chairman of the UKFSC (UK Flight Safety Committee). He also wrote the ‘Descriptors’ and the descriptor definitions for BASIS and have been instrumental in the database development from 1992.  He has worked with BASIS on a daily basis, for the past 16 years using the database for incident analysis.

He has managed the analysis of eBASIS for the compilation and writing of the British Airways Safety Review Committee papers. He also gives regularly talks and presentations to several major ‘Blue Chip’ companies including, Shell and BP also NATS, the CAA Aviation Medics plus every new pilot that joined British Airways. He is the BA lead on birdstrikes and birdstrike avoidance and also FOD.