A Pipeline Safety Specialist and Chemical Engineer with over 40 years in the pipeline and natural gas industries.  Extensive experience with pipeline safety regulations and compliance matters, as well as compliance audits, both internally and externally.  He is experienced with distribution systems, transmission systems, gathering systems, mid-stream piping systems, compressor stations, storage facilities, liquefied natural gas facilities, coke oven gas, and landfill gas.


He has significant experience working with committees and organizations on the national level, as well as writing procedures and manuals, and the investigation of accidents.  He is also an experienced instructor on pipeline safety regulations and on gas gathering lines.  He has in-depth background in the industry, beginning with education, including a lengthy career with a large gas distribution utility, and extending into a consulting career with gas distribution operators throughout the U.S. and Canada.


He has experience testifying in courts of law.

Academic Background

  • Illinois Institute of Technology, BS in Chemical Engineering, 1964
  • Institute of Gas Technology, Option in Gas Technology, 1964
  • Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Master in Business Administration, 1970
  • Numerous workshops, short courses, and seminars


Professional Experience

  • RTI Group, LLC, Stevensville, MD, Consultant as a Pipeline Safety Specialist, March 2014 to present.
  • Private Consultant – served as expert witness for numerous liquid pipeline, gas pipeline, gas distribution, and propane litigation cases throughout the United States and Canada. Consulted to several gas distribution operators relating to Notices of Proposed Non-compliances.  Authored Operator Qualification (OQ) procedures and documentation for several small distribution systems.  Performed audit of corrosion procedures for large gas distribution company, and preparation of a Corrosion Manual for another large distribution company.  Created Integrity Management (IM) Program for several small gas transmission companies.  Performed audits of Integrity Management Programs (IMP) and Distribution Integrity Management Programs (DIMP) for operators.  Completed inspection and baseline pipeline safety audit for a large gas distribution system.  Performed a comprehensive inspection and pipeline safety compliance audit for a large transmission company. In addition, performed a “Red line” review of an O&M manual for a large transmission company, as well as completed an O&M manual for large gas distribution company  in both paper and electronic format, including key word search capability, color, and extensive use of hyper-links.  Selected chapters of an O&M manual for large gas distribution company dealing with Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP), pressure regulating stations, up-rating, odorization, corrosion control, purging, and tapping.  Performed inspection of pipeline and complete O&M manual and emergency manual for small gas transmission company.  Completed O&M manuals and emergency manuals for several small gas distribution and transmission companies, as well as an O&M Manual for LNG facility.  Served as interim COO for small distribution company.  Consulted for landfill gas pipeline systems and coke oven gas transmission pipelines. Performed detailed pipeline safety audit for gas distribution companies.  Developed PRO-ceduresSM method for writing procedures as well as regularly provide comments to the Office of Pipeline Safety regarding proposed rules.  Instructor for Technical Toolboxes, Inc. on a “Pipeline Safety Regulations” course and a “Gas Gathering Lines” course.
  • East Ohio Gas Company, Cleveland, Ohio, variety of engineering positions, also Manager, Codes and Regulatory – East Ohio is a large local gas distribution company with 1.2 million customers.  In addition to distribution pipelines, East Ohio operated 1,200 miles of intrastate transmission pipelines, a large local production operation, a very large underground storage operation, and several compressor stations having both reciprocating and turbine engines. For over 20 years, was a member of the Emergency Response Team,  investigating accidents and failures. 1964-1997

Professional Associations and Activities

  • Gas Piping Technology Committee (GPTC), Main Body. Committee for the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), produces the “Guide for Transmission and Distribution Piping Systems,” which is the how-to guide to accompany the federal pipeline safety regulations. Paul also serves on the Editorial Section for GPTC.
  • Society for Technical Communication
  • Ohio Gas Association
  • Energy Association of Pennsylvania
  • American Society for Quality
  • Cleveland Engineering Society
  • Pipeline Safety Committee of the Ohio Gas Association, former Chairman
  • Distribution Construction and Maintenance Committee of the American Gas Association, former Chairman
  • Ohio Utilities Protection Service (OUPS), the one-call association for the state of Ohio, former Trustee


Registrations and Licenses

  • Registered Professional Engineer:  Ohio.
  • Registered Quality Engineer:  California.
  • Certified Quality Engineer: American Society for Quality.

Professional Honors

  • Service Mark for method of writing procedures and manuals.
  • Award of Merit:  American Gas Association.
  • Service Award:  Ohio Utilities Protection Service.