Airline Transport Pilot and Flight Instructor

This expert is experienced in flying, handling, and flight planning turbine aircraft in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Caribbean, Mexico, Canada and the USA. He has performed many Atlantic crossings in a variety of aircraft. He specializes in ground and flight instruction in the CE-525 series of aircraft.

He has testified as an expert witness.

Flight Time:
Total Time: 6,256+
Pilot in Command: 4,580+
Multi-Engine/Turbine: 3,853+
Turbine PIC: 1,075+
Single Engine: 2,403+
Flight Instruction: 3,550+

In Type:
1,000+ Hawker HS-125, in the 700, 800A, 800XP, 850XP& 900XP models
625+ C-500, -1, SII, II, Bravo, Encore
525+ CE-525S series straight CJ, 1, 3
300+ CL-300   
225 Lear Jet 24-D     
125 Lear Jet 35            
250 King Air B-200
25 Pilatus PC-12
110 Twin Otter

2808 X-country  
1,085 Instrument 
1,575 Night          
300 Tail Wheel                          

• CFI-I, MEI-I, AGI, IGI, Gold Seal Flight Instructor, Master Flight Instructor
• Type ratings- HS 125-PIC, CE-525S PIC, CE-500S PIC, CL-300 SIC, LR-Jet SIC, Phenom 100 SIC, Instrument Privileges, and Tail Wheel
• FAR 135 Line Pilot- CE-525S series February 2017, 135.293, 135.297, 135.299
• Completed Courses -July 2016- CPR, OED, MNPS, Oceanic RNP, P-NAV, B-NAV, CRM, and RVSM August 2016,
• CFI Recurrent February 2017 1st Class FAA Medical June 2017
• HS-125 900XP Flight Safety Recurrent November 2016

Professional Experience

• RTI Group, LLC, Annapolis, MD, Airline Transport Pilot and Flight Instructor, 2017 - present.

• Full time Captain Hawker 900XP. Executive flying in the USA, June 2016 – Present.

• Contract Type Rating Instructor CE-500S & CE-525S, 135 Line Captain CE-525S series.  Teach ground and flight training in the CE-500 series, CE-525 Series and Mustang. Training is done to proficiency in the aircraft. Responsible for the courseware and aircraft training programs. 135 Line Pilot and Cadre Instructor for Premier Private Aviation, and registered clients, Jan 2015 - Present.

• Simcom, Orlando Florida; Type Rating Instructor-Hawker HS-125 series of jets. Teach recurrent, differences and initial ground school, along with simulator instruction for the 700, 800, 800XP, 850XP & 900XP. Created the courseware for all models of aircraft.  Also taught RVSM, CRM and the International Operations courses. The job was two weeks on two weeks off schedule and part time, October 2012-January 2015.

• ACASS Canada, Contract co-pilot on the Challenger 300, Captain on the Hawker 700/800, & 800XP, 900XP. Have flown the Challenger 300 in Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Russia. Additionally, he has flown the Hawkers in the USA, Russia and Canada for ACASS, June 2008-Present.

• UNI-Jet, Moscow, Russia, Contract Co-pilot Hawker 800XP, Contract and Atlantic Delivery of Hawker 800XP. Contract pilot until new crew is established on aircraft. Flying Russia, Middle East and Europe, January 2012-October 2012.

• Baja Jets LLC, West Linn, Oregon, Aviation Manger/Pilot. Managed a Lear 24-D and performed co-pilot duties. Ran a very cost effective program, 2008-2013.
• Canouan Resorts Development, Canouan, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Co-pilot on a Citation II for a 5 star hotel in the islands. Performed the duties of, flight planning, aircraft utilization and pilot/co-pilot duties in the Caribbean, 2006-2008.

• Willamette Aviation Services, Portland, Oregon, Chief Flight Instructor, created the 141 portion of flight school in 2004. Worked both full and part time. Taught in a variety of single engine and multiengine aircraft, 2000-2010.


Academic Background
• University of Northern Colorado, Business Communication, 3.97 GPA, Master of Arts, 1974.
• Southern Oregon College, Speech, Theater, Secondary Education, 3.57GPA, Bachelor of Science, 1972.

Professional Honors
Master Flight Instructor 2007