Senior Welding Engineer and Inspector


He is an experienced Welding Engineer with a diverse background in Welding Engineering and Quality Assurance. He is a graduate of The Ohio State University’s Welding Engineering Program and is a current American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector (CWI). He is highly skilled in reviewing welding, quality assurance, procedural, and inspection documentation to assess compliance with required codes, standards, and governing project documentation.  In addition to his engineering experience, he has decades of practical hands-on experience in various sectors of industry, including systems repair (automotive, truck, equipment, etc.), quality assurance (welding, casting, forging, testing, etc.), and vendor development. He excels at relaying information in a relevant fashion; providing easily understandable explanations of complex concepts, distilling jargon down to everyday relatable terms for the layperson while maintaining the use of technically correct terminology and language where appropriate.


Professional Experience

RTI Group, LLC, Annapolis, MD, Senior Welding Engineer and Inspector, 2018 to present.

Private Company,
Founder / Principal Welding Engineer, October 2017-Current
• Welding Engineering support for clients in the pressure vessel, structural, and manufacturing industries
• Welding procedure development (ASME, API, AWS, ISO, Client specifications, etc.)
• Welding personnel qualification
• Welding procedure / fabrication documentation review (ASME, API, AWS, ISO, Client specifications, etc)
• Assisting vendors / sub-vendors in achieving compliance with client specifications and code requirements

Shell Oil Company, New Orleans, LA (Under contract via Acute Technological Services-ATS, Houston, TX), Welding Engineer, October 2014-September 2017
• Member of Delivery Assurance Welding Group (D.A.W.G).  Highly effective team achieving a zero backlog and over 99% on-time deliverables
• Welding Engineering support of topsides structural, pressure vessel, and field erected tanks. Carmon Creek, Appomattox, Franklin, Vito, Kaikais, AO4, and SepCo projects
• Welding procedure / fabrication documentation review (ASME, API, AWS, ISO, Shell DEP’s)

Welding and Joining Management Group, Frederick, CO, Welding Engineer
December 2012-Consultant (API, ASME, AWS)
• Welding procedure development
• Welding procedure review
• Welding personnel qualification
• Provided support to / performed mechanical testing laboratory activities
• Familiarization with facility ISO quality management program

Bureau Veritas NA, Pittsburgh, PA / Lisle, IL, Inspector / Quality Assurance Technician / Project Coordinator / Welding Engineer, October 2004 – October 2015-(Currently Consulting Welding Engineer)
• Managed support, scheduling, and logistics for up to 12 field inspection personnel inspecting building structures for a major “Big Box” retailer in a nationwide inspection and repair campaign
• Provide assessments of vendor quality management programs: ISO 9001 and similar
• Review applicable project documentation, drawings, P&ID’s, testing procedures, welding procedures, test data, material test reports (MTR’s), and data books for contractual compliance and required levels of traceability
• Counsel vendors in meeting contractual specifications and quality requirements
• Proactively communicate with vendors to reduce deficiencies in required vendor documentation deliverables
• Work with vendors to resolve non-conformances effectively and efficiently
• Provide accurate and complete reporting
• Provide welding engineering support to vendors
• Maintain reliable, effective communication with clients and vendors
• Provide welding inspection and fabrication support to clients and vendors
• Provide Quality Assurance services to clients in various areas including the following: o HVOF (High Velocity Oxy-Fuel) coatings
• Coatings evaluation via DFT, holiday, and adhesion testing
• Melt, casting, mechanical testing, and chemical analysis of various cast components / alloys
• Mechanical testing (tensile testing, hardness testing, impact testing, etc.)
• Hydrostatic testing of castings, vessels, piping systems, complete skid packages, etc.
• Dynamic balancing of rotating members
• Over-speed testing of rotating members
• Ring (harmonic) testing of tuned rotating members
• Machining of various components
• Mechanical witnessing and inspection
• Dimension analysis utilizing various methods / equipment
• Testing of bridge pot bearings, fixed and expansion
• Passivation / pickling of stainless steel members
• Iron presence testing of stainless steel members (ferroxyl, copper sulfate)
• Complete component performance testing
• Completed equipment and system mechanical and performance testing
• Witness of NDT evaluation of various components (MT-wet / dry, PT, UT)

MACTEC Engineering and Consulting, Inc., Jacksonville, FL, Inspector / Quality Assurance Technician / Project Coordinator / Welding Engineer, October 2005 – November 2007
• Duties, responsibilities, and experience overlap with Bureau Veritas entry above

Transitional Home Services, Columbus, OH, Founding Partner, August 2007 – February 2011
• Provided unique single source estate and downsizing services
• Provided property sorting and liquidation services
• Provided contractor management services
• Provided post occupancy / pre-sale cleaning services
• Provided value driven ethical service
• Founding partner integrally involved in all aspects of Limited Liability Company development

Newman Industries, Columbus, OH, Entrepreneur, July 2002 – July 2011
• Provided technical service to consumers in Columbus, Ohio (mechanical, electrical, plumbing)
• Provided value driven ethical service
• Provided design consulting services
• Provided fabrication assistance services
• Managed financial, customer service, and logistic aspects of business
• Maintained superior level of service through integrity in workmanship

Hoffman Rental Center, Columbus, OH, Lead Service Technician, January 2000 – July 2002
• Responsible for fleet maintenance, parts inventory, and management of service records
• Installed towing devices and associated wiring in a fast paced service environment
• Performed extensive 12VDC automotive towing circuit troubleshooting and upgrades
• Co-engineered numerous specialty hitch installations and trailer modifications
• Responsible for manual SMAW and GMAW
• Provided customer service to rental and hitch customers

The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, Welding Research Assistant, February 2002 – September 2002
• Responsible for set-up and baseline development of Angular Parameter Optimization Project Performed robotic programming, welding, and data acquisition
• Laser inspected welds via Servo Robot inspection utility
• Prepared, organized and reported data
• Responsible for materials support of Laser + Arc Hybrid Project o Prepared welding samples from received materials by cutting to length
• Bead blasted samples per requirements
• Performed post welding metallurgical sample preparation of specified welds
• Provided general project support

Dallas Service Center, Columbus, OH, Heavy Truck Service Technician, March 1998 – January 2000
• Responsible for diagnosis and repair of automobiles, medium and heavy-duty trucks
• Serviced select heavy equipment
• Performed troubleshooting and repair of various systems: o Electrical (12V), pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical
• Hydraulic service focused on overall systems, cylinders, and pumps
• Operated towing and recovery equipment
• Responded to field service calls
• Provided customer service to standard and commercial clients


Project Experience Summary
• Pulse Jet Fabric Filter Program-Double Louver Dampers Gorgas 10000 MW Plant, Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation
• Sadara R134 Compressors-9000 H.P. Siemens Electric Motors (Main / Spare) Testing, DOW Chemical
• Chevron Bigfoot Project-Topsides
• Offshore CNG Product Condenser-Titanium Weld Repairs, Representing Acute Technological Services
• Undidade de Fertilizantes Nitrogenados III Lube Oil Packages, Petrobras
• Effluent Water Treatment Equipment Fabrication: Compressors / Lube Oil Packages, Shell Oil-VSA
• Wet Electrostatic Precipitator Cells Fabrication 1 & 6, BP Cherry Point, Washington
• City of Los Angeles Venice Pumping Plant Discharge Manifold 48”-54” Ball Valves
• Proprietary Wind Tower Fabrication Project, Goldwind
• Angular Parameter Optimization, United States Navy
• Robotic Parameter and Production Optimization: 5th Wheel Assemblies, Holland Hitch
• Laser Plus Arc Hybrid Welding of Heat Exchanger Tube Assemblies, Babcock & Wilcox
• Electrode Redevelopment Program, Lincoln Electric
• Electrode Qualification, Hobart
• Electrode Qualification, Select Arc
• Heat Exchanger Development and Fabrication, NASA
• GTAW Flux Development and Application, Edison Welding Institute
• Welding Training Facility Development, The Ohio State University
• Welding Research Laboratory Facility Management, The Ohio State University
• PGA Boulevard Bascule Bridge, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
• John’s Pass Bascule Bridge, Clearwater, Florida
• Bridge of Lions, St. Augustine, Florida
• 12th Avenue Bascule Bridge, Miami, Florida
• Hamilton Avenue Bascule Bridge, New York, New York
• 145th Street Bridge Swing Bridge, Bronx, New York
• Stock Sampling: Non-Specific, New York State Department of Transportation
• Inspection of Stock Light Post Structures, Connecticut Department of Transportation
• 6th Street Bridge Reconstruction, Wilmington, Delaware
• 7th Street Bridge Reconstruction, New Castle, Delaware
• I-485 Widening, Mecklenburg, North Carolina
• Return Sludge Pump Shafts Fabrication, New York City Department of Environmental Protection
• Return Sludge Pump Shaft Cap Covers, New York City Department of Environmental Protection
• Centrifugal Compressor Fabrication, New York City Department of Environmental Protection
• Catskill and Delaware Water Treatment-Ultraviolet Light Disinfection Facility Plant Stabilization-32 84” Knife Gate Valves Retrofit, New York City Department of Environmental Protection
• City Tunnel No. 3, Stage No. 2, Manhattan, New York City Department of Environmental Protection
• City Tunnel No. 3, Stage No. 2, Manhattan Part No. 2-Construction of Trunk Mains, New York City Department of Environmental Protection
• Jamaica WPCP Upgrade, Phase 2 Improvements, New York City Department of Environmental Protection
• Newton Creek WPCP Upgrade, New York City Department of Environmental Protection
• Newton Creek WPCP Main Building North Modifications, New York City Department of Environmental Protection
• Croton Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades, New York City Department of Environmental Protection
• Laurel Run Bridge Replacement, Monongalia County, West Virginia
• Nams Run Bridge Replacement, Marion County, West Virginia
• Stewart Run Bridge Replacement, Monongalia County, West Virginia
• West Run Bridge Replacement, Monongalia County, West Virginia
• Walmart Structural Steel Inspection Program, Bentonville, Arkansas
• Weigh Bridge Development, Fabrication, and Installation, WAYAC
• Hydraulic Pump, Control Unit, Accumulator Banks testing, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
• Calumet Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
• Appomattox Semi-Submersible Platform, Shell Oil Company
• Carmon Creek In Situ Heavy Oil, Shell Oil Company
• Shell Exploration and Production Company (SepCo) Projects (Auger Air Gas, etc.), Shell Oil Company
• Vito Semi-Submersible Platform, Shell Oil Company
• Kaikais Semi-Submersible Platform, Shell Oil Company
• Franklin Polyethylene Cracker, Shell Oil Company
• Geismar Tiger AO4 Expansion, Shell Oil Company


Academic Background
The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH   B.S. Welding Engineering, March 2002


Registrations and Licenses
• Current American Welding Society CWI certification
• Class A CDL