• Cargo & Passenger Vessels
  • Recreational Watercraft
  • Ports, Terminals, and Harbors
  • Construction Barges
  • Bulk, Dry Cargo, Container, Tankers & RORO Vessels
  • Equipment & Structural Failures

Marine losses are among the most varied from ship sinking to deck equipment failures. They often require a wide range of expertise available at RTI, from master mariners to marine engineers and naval architects.

Obtain the following if possible:

  • Description of incident and extent of loss        
  • Shipwright, ABS classification, year of launch, and drawings of the vessel
  • Hull or flag state registration number of the vessel.
  • The current location of the vessel.
  • Maintenance records, operations and maintenance manuals, when applicable.
  • Ship’s deck and engineering logs.
  • Complete photographic documentation if an engineer is called in after the wreckage is cleared.
  • Statements from eyewitnesses.
  • If applicable, the navigation charts of the area.
  • If available, provide any official reports relevant to the vessel (e.g., U.S. Coast Guard, OSHA, etc.)

Ensure that nothing is removed from the vessel and that no repairs are made to the vessel prior to RTI’s inspection.