011308 - Senior Aerospace Mechanical Systems Engineer

This expert brings over thirty years of experience in aerospace engineering and has worked for several major original equipment manufacturers. He has also served as an independent aerospace consultant for the last twenty-two years. He is designated a Consultant Designated Engineering Representative (DER) by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with authority in 14 CFR Part 25 certification regulations. He specializes in mechanical systems including flight controls, doors, and hydraulic design and construction, equipment qualification, airplane testing, safety analyses, and service documents. He additionally has delegated authority for mechanical systems safety analyses for air conditioning, pressurization, oxygen, and fire protection. This expert also specializes in structures cabin safety for design and construction and service documents as well as power plant safety analyses for airplane turbine engines and auxiliary power units.

011307 - Fire Protection Engineering

This expert has thirty-four years of experience and is a Licensed Fire Protection Engineer in 49 states and Guam. His expertise includes fire suppression and detection system design, fire hazards analyses, fire risk assessments, construction management, fire protection water distribution system evaluations, and project management. He has also provided legal testimony for fire cause and origin investigations; building and fire code analyses; life safety; slip, trip and falls; and fire protection system design, inspection, testing and maintenance.


He has experience performing fire and egress modeling to analyze the growth rates, smoke movement and travel, effects and characteristics of the fire, to evaluate the safe exit capacity of large assembly, business and educational occupancies and analyze post-fire events.


He has served as project manager, project engineer, and lead fire protection engineer on dozens of projects for public and private sector clients. His responsibilities have included serving as a primary contact between clients, planning design schedules, scheduling manpower and staffing, meeting the confines of the budget, and coordinating the fire protection engineering tasks to ensure a complete and correct fire protection design.


He is a member of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers, Member Grade, National Fire Protection Association, NFPA Standards Council, NFPA Technical Committee on Airport Facilities, NFPA Technical Committee, Detention and Correctional Occupancies, NFPA Technical Committee on Electronic Computer Systems, NFPA Technical Committee on Health Care Emergency Management and Security, NFPA Technical Committee on Helicopter Facilities, NFPA Technical Committee on Marians and Boatyards, NFPA Technical Committee Chairman on National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code (SIG-PRO) and Alternate on SIG-NAC, and NFPA Technical Committee on Subterranean Spaces.


He is a Past President of the American Backflow Prevention Association, a Past President of MO-KAN Chapter of SFPE and an ICC Certified Special Inspector for spray-applied fire resistive materials.