011301 Aeronautical Engineer and Senior Nacelle Design Engineer

Aeronautical Engineer and Senior Nacelle Design Engineer    

Nacelle consultant with a strong technical background experienced in the development and certification of Nacelles and propulsion systems within depth knowledge of composite structures.  He is knowledgeable and qualified in the areas of: structural design and analysis; development of composite structures; Nacelle integration; propulsion systems development; and certification and continued airworthiness.

Black Hills Aviation v United States


The wreckage shown here was once a repurposed WWII-era aircraft operated by Black Hills Aviation. The aircraft crashed in 1987 while performing a fire suppression mission on an Army missile testing site in White Sands, New Mexico.   A team of accident investigators, including explosive experts from RTI, found evidence that an external airborne force had affected the aircraft prior to impact.


RTI’s experts have investigated accidents, losses, and technical issues in a variety of aviation matters for manufacturers, operators, and government authorities. They have also served as expert witnesses for law firms and insurance companies.


Marine losses are among the most varied from ship sinking to deck equipment failures. They often require a wide range of expertise available at RTI, from master mariners to marine engineers and naval architects.