011136 Aircraft Landing Gear/Brake System Design, Maintenance and Servicing

Aircraft Landing Gear/Brake System Design, Maintenance and Servicing

An expert in design, certification, maintenance, and servicing of aircraft landing gear, braking control systems, wheels, tires, brakes, proximity systems, and related systems.  His extensive experience also includes involvement in numerous accident investigations associated with landing gear, brake systems, and aircraft stopping distance issues. He participated on many NTSB accident technical investigation teams

As manager of the Landing Gear, Brake, and Hydraulic Systems division for a major airframe manufacturer, he has led teams of engineering experts responsible for the design, development, certification, safe operation, and in-service performance of software-based control and information systems, landing gears, brake systems, hydraulic systems and components, proximity systems, weight and balance systems, and nose gear steering systems.  He is experienced with general aviation, military and commercial aircraft, their components and systems, and has served on industry teams.  He is an FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER) with authority relating to wheels and brakes, brake control systems, proximity systems, landing gear design, and other related systems.


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