011262 Airline Transport Pilot and Flight Instructor

Airline Transport Pilot and Flight Instructor


He is an Airline Transport Pilot, specializing in CFR Part 91 Corporate Operations and Part 135/121 Regional Airline operations. He is experienced in North Atlantic crossings and his record is clear of any incidents, accidents or violations.

Flight Time:
Total Time:  19,000+
Pilot in Command:  16,000+
Multi-Engine Turbine:  16,000+
Turboprop:  10,000+
Jet:  7000+
PT121/135 Check Airman/Instructor:  2400+
CE-525S PIC:  2500+

CE-525S Type Rating
CE-510S Type Rating
Canadair CL-65 Type Rating (CRJ-200/700/900)
Embraer EMB-120 Brasilia Type Rating
Fairchild SA-227 Metroliner Type Rating
ATP, CF11, ME11

011264 Airline Transport Pilot and Flight Instructor

Airline Transport Pilot and Flight Instructor

This expert is experienced in flying, handling, and flight planning turbine aircraft in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Caribbean, Mexico, Canada and the USA. He has performed many Atlantic crossings in a variety of aircraft. He specializes in ground and flight instruction in the CE-525 series of aircraft.

He has testified as an expert witness.

011268 Commercial Helicopter Pilot and Flight Instructor

Commercial Helicopter Pilot and Flight Instructor


He is a commercial helicopter pilot, qualified by a combination of flight time, experience, and demonstrated management skills.  He is competent and knowledgeable in the field of aviation with a proven and verifiable flight and safety record.  He is a capable, reliable pilot presenting a positive professional image.

Certifications and Flight Times
• Commercial Pilot - Helicopter
• Instrument Rating – Helicopter
• CFI – Helicopter
• Private Pilot – ASEL
• Part 107 UAS (Drone) Pilot
• Helicopter:  7,400+ hours
• Turbine Helicopter:  5,100+ hours
• Instruction Given:  2,000+ hours
• Night:  545 hours unaided
• Cross Country:  2,300+ hours
• ASEL:  253 hours

Helicopters Flown
• Bell 206 B and L Models
• R22 & R44
• Schweizer 333
• Enstrom 280C

011269 Aviation Flight Operations, Pilatus Instructor

Pilatus PC-12 Instructor

His aviation career began at age 16 when he soloed for the first time.  From there, he continued his aviation training throughout college to earn CFI certificates.  Following several years of primary flight instruction, he was hired by Pilatus Business Aircraft in Broomfield, CO (KBJC) as a Demonstration Pilot.  He remained with Pilatus for 4-years before leaving the company to fly Pilatus PC-12 Aircraft as a contract pilot, focusing on post-Initial Training to help clients fulfill insurance-directed accompanied time requirements. He continues to fly for Pilatus Business Aircraft for test and demo flights as the need arises which helps maintain current knowledge of developments from the factory. He has been approved by most insurance companies to provide Initial, Recurrent and Differences Training in the Pilatus PC-12.


Total Flight Time: 6,800
Pilatus PC-12: 4,850
Pilatus PC-12 Instruction: 2,500

001111 Principal Forensic Electrical Engineer

Joseph R. Reynolds, PE, MEWI, MAE
Principal Forensic Electrical Engineer


Joseph R. Reynolds, PE, MEWI, MAE is internationally recognized as a forensic electrical engineer and an authority regarding the investigation and evaluation of utility system incidents and equipment failures including electrical contact accidents, fires and explosions. He has served as the team leader and technical director, as well as principal testifier, in large complex investigations and research. Services to the industry have included: conducting forensic root cause analyses of major power generation, transmission, distribution, and telecommunications incidents, system failures, accidents, fires, and equipment condition and performance audit issues; providing recommendations for improved equipment reliability; assessing the expected life and condition of aging equipment for repair/replace options; and addressing prudence issues related to rate base and regulatory hearings.

Mr. Reynolds is the founder and president of RTI Group, LLC based in the US, as well as the founder and chairman of the London based UK firm Reynolds Technological Inquiries Limited, and RTI Ltd, with offices in South America and the Middle East. The RTI companies are an international consultancy of experienced expert witnesses with a new research centre to determine the cause of electrical, material, and mechanical failures. An advance multimedia studio provides the visuals to effectively present our findings. A highly diversified firm, RTI specialized in accident and failure analysis of various size matters involving aviation, marine, rail, telecommunications, power utilities, and high risk industries.

RTI also provides proactive consulting services from Safety Management and Security Risk Assessment to implementation of controls.

Mr. Reynolds has represented public and government utilities, state regulatory commissions, and insurers in numerous electric power matters, including the following examples:

• Appointed by a utility regulator to serve as lead investigator and team manager for the state’s analysis of a high profile and lengthy outage resulting in recommendations to improve system reliability, which were adopted through the legislative rule-making process.

• Provided testimony at a rate base hearing before a state public service commission involving the utility’s handling of unpredictable and highly unusual nuclear reactor component failure, and evaluation of the resulting repair costs.

• Authored several publications on behalf of the Electric Power Research Institute, EPRI, including a guideline to assist utilities in improving the reliability of power plant electrical equipment as an alternative to the cost of constructing new plants.

• Evaluated the options to restore the performance of a damaged hydroelectric generator station when compared with the availability of replacement power.

Mr. Reynolds has given expert testimony in arbitration hearings and courts of law, and has appeared before state and federal boards, commissions, counsels, press conferences, and international professional forums.


011273 Aviation Operations

Aviation Operations

He has over thirty years of experience in Flight Operations Management in both military and civilian applications.  Included among his accomplishments is the preparation of a new entrant airline Flight Operations Department for certification including recruitment, manual and training curriculum creation, establishment of Dispatch and Operations Control, including training and configuration planning and flight acceptance of acquired used and overhauled aircraft.  He has served as Operations Officer in several Navy squadrons from 1971-1986.

He has been responsible for proactive safety management programs at a major domestic and international airline and participated in Air Transport Association and International Air Transport Association Flight Safety committees as a company representative.  He participated in the creation of safety data using BA’s Safety Information System to record, track, analyze and resolve safety issues, and worked with the pilot labor group on all flight safety issues.  He has conducted safety audits for code share partners in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, and South America.

In addition, he also developed a company-wide accident/incident procedures manual to address all events from a major fatal accident to small station unique occurrences.  He served as the Flight Operations contact point for the Department of Defense Air Carrier Survey and Analysis audit, and prepared all briefing materials and lists.  He developed the Flight Operations Internal Self-audit Program in accordance with FAA Advisory Circular and DOD guidelines, directed ISA implementation and reporting for Flight Operations, and interfaced with other company departments. He directed the company team investigating a major wide-body accident including operations, maintenance and government liaison with all participants; and was selected as company liaison with federal agencies, including NTSB, FAA, FBI and state and local groups for the investigation.  He also investigated all accidents/incidents for over five years, and during his tenure in the safety position, the company was NTSB accident-free for over four years.

011274 Flight Operations Instructor and Pilot

Flight Operations Instructor and Pilot

This expert is an accomplished leader with a distinguished career in aviation. From the front desk of a small FBO, to the captain’s seat of a commercial airliner, she has been recognized as an effective leader who cultivates a collaborative and diverse work culture and builds partnerships internally and with external organizations. Possesses solid knowledge of the aviation industry and has been pursued by several journalistic platforms to provide advanced research and education for mass media consumption. Demonstrated capacity to present and advocate initiatives to a broad spectrum of individuals including funding agencies, private sector C-Level executives and government leaders.

Highlights Include:

• Airline Captain: International airline captain/typed Boeing 727-200 and CE 500 series aircraft. 6,000 TT. Flight Safety trained DA-20. Air ambulance, hazmat and corporate charter King Air 90, 100, 200, CE 402. Red Cross BE33. Experience in 28 makes/models of aircraft.

• Business/Aviation: 15 years in business aviation. Unique perspective from both managerial and pilot experience. Proven track record in managing budgets, together with experience in successfully developing and executing strategic plans, annual budgets and long-term funding plans. Experienced in developing operating methods to enhance business performance and meet strategic objectives.

• Organizational Leadership: Skilled in determining and refining organizational structures and requirements, with experience in integration of technical resources, change management and positioning organizations to respond to strategic opportunities including recruitment and retention.

• Communication: Skilled orator with expertise in advocating and presenting aviation topics to wide variety of audiences.


011275 Senior Aviation Maintenance Consultant

Senior Aviation Maintenance Consultant

RTI Expert 011275 has over 45 years of experience in corporate aviation. He possesses a comprehensive understanding of maintaining, operating and managing corporate aircraft under FAR parts 91, 121, 125, and 135.  With over 140 projects completed, he has helped develop the ever-maturing field of corporate aviation.  He knows the business from both sides, as an operator and as a service provider.  In the past 35 years, he has orchestrated the start-up or restructure of several maintenance departments and repair stations, plus provides continuing Director of Maintenance administrative and management services, industry best practices safety audits, aircraft owner advocacy and mentoring.  

• Technical consulting for heavy corporate aircraft
• Managed and operated aircraft under FAR Parts 91, 121, 125 and 135
• Authored maintenance procedures manuals for FAR Parts 121, 125, 135 and 145 operations
• Over 25 years FAR Part 135 Director of Maintenance experience
• Firm comprehension of FARs
• Excellent rapport with FAA
• Represent buyers and sellers in new and used aircraft transactions
• Oversight of aircraft operated by management companies
• Founder and President maintenance management/consulting company for over 30 years
• International operations experience
• Marketing and sales for maintenance management company
• Accredited IS-BAO Auditor

He has been providing maintenance management and technical consulting services domestically and internationally. These services have been provided to domestic and international companies such as ARCO, Uniden, SMC Aviation, Nike, Pacific Gas & Electric, Global Aviation and individuals. He provided expert witness services to a corporation in Mexico which resulted in the client obtaining the desired maintenance invoice settlement from a major OEM.  Forensic records research and invoice review is a specialty of his.  Overall, in the past 30 years, he has orchestrated the start-up or complete restructure of over a dozen maintenance departments, started 6 part 135 certificates and 4 part 145 repair stations.  In addition to his formal education, he has attended numerous classes in technical training, maintenance management, leadership, flight operations management, aviation safety, human factors, ISO 9001 audit training and is an accredited IS-BAO Auditor.  His specific airframe systems and engine training include Gulfstream II, III, IV, 550, 650 Challenger 601, Lear 60, Boeing 707, 727, Bell 206, Rolls Royce Spey, Tay & BR710, TFE 731, GE CF34, Honeywell GTCP 36-6, -100 & -150.  He is a member of PAMA, NBAA, is on the Safety Committee of the Northern California Business Aviation Association and on the advisory board of HBA Corporations ASCERT and EASI safety training programs.

011265 Aviation Safety Consultant / Cabin Safety Specialist

Aviation Safety Consultant / Cabin Safety Specialist


Our expert's distinguished 45-year career in aircraft cabin safety has included precedent-setting work with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the position of Air Carrier Cabin Safety Specialist, working to develop the safety role of the flight attendant in the areas of crashworthiness and survivability - and establishing cabin safety inspection as a standard in the field.  Such efforts have directly contributed to the advancement of aviation safety for crewmembers and passengers alike.

She has represented flight attendants throughout her career, with four air carriers (through mergers), in the areas of: aircraft cabin safety, aviation security, crew training and emergency response, incident/accident investigation and regulatory reform.  She was a major contributor to the establishment of a joint Critical Incident Stress Management program at Northwest Airlines and continues to advocate for survivor support services.  In the wake of 9-11, she championed flight attendant concerns surrounding security and personal protection issues and was instrumental in bringing cabin defense training to over 10,000 cabin crewmembers.

Our expert was also instrumental in bringing voluntary safety reporting by means of the FAA's Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) to the 20,000 flight attendants of Delta Air Lines, allowing for a non-punitive process to report safety concerns and needed improvements.  She has worked with both industry and governmental agencies in developing improved cabin interiors, operational and design standards - and the promulgation of regulatory changes directly impacting flight attendants in their primary safety role.

She recently received the "Safety Activist Achievement Award" presented by the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA), honoring her significant contributions to the field of aviation safety and advancing safety for flight attendants specifically and the traveling public in general.  This is the third time in her career that she has been recognized by AFA, having previously been the recipient of the prestigious "Annual Air Safety Award".

011271 Senior Air Traffic Control Specialist

Senior Air Traffic Control Specialist


He has been involved or working in the field of Aviation for over 32 years.   His background includes not only being a pilot but working as a senior Air Traffic Control Specialist for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) at various locations for the past 26 years.  During which time he also served as an Air Safety Investigator for the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA), providing ATC expertise in numerous investigations of both accidents and incidents conducted by the NTSB. His flying experience includes multiple ratings and licenses including Airline Transport Pilot and Flight Instructor accumulating 2,100 hours flight time.