011171 Senior Engineer – Complex Failures/Fires/Explosions

Senior Engineer – Complex Failures/Fires/Explosions


He is a practicing Professional Engineer, LEED Accredited Professional, Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator, and consultant, with 35 years of experience in the responsible charge of planning, designing and constructing facilities for manufacturing, commercial, chemical and heavy industrial use. His experience as a design principal and project executive includes project development, facility siting and design, building/process design and construction, code compliance, high pressure piping and vessels, energy and utility systems, ventilation, air pollution control, HVAC, structural engineering, and bulk material handling. These activities have involved all phases of conceptual planning, design engineering and procurement, construction and erection, safety and OSHA compliance.

In addition to his direct engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) background, he also maintains expertise in complex systems and equipment failure analysis, accident reconstruction, process hazard and risk assessment, thermal and stress analysis, fire and explosion investigation and construction claims consulting. His investigations include boiler, piping and pressure vessel failures and explosions, structural failures and collapses, and equipment fires and explosions.

011138 Senior Analytical Polymer Chemistry Consultant

An analytical chemist with extensive experience in chemical spectroscopy and analysis, including emission, infrared, ultraviolet-visible, x-ray, mass; thermal analysis including DSC, TGA, TMA, dilute solution and melt viscosity of polymers, moisture and volatiles determinations. Molecular weights by GPC (size exclusion chromatography) and through correlation of viscosities. Gas chromatographic seperations of selected substances. GC-FTIR separations, identifications and quantifications of components of mixtures. Microscopy including photomicrography, particle size and shape. Polymer engineering in extrusion processes (melt, solution). Flammability and physical testing of parts, fibers, and fabrics. Correlation of data to solve industrial/manufacturing problems, upgrade processes, develop new products/processes. Colorant chemistry and analysis including both dyes and pigments (organic and inorganic). Polymer stabilization correlations and analyses in relation to product lifetime, failures, and special properties. Method development, standard operating procedures and report generation for above activities.

This expert has provided expert testimony in a court of law.

011114 Chemical, Metallurgical, and Nuclear Engineer

Chemical, Metallurgical, and Nuclear Engineer with more than twenty years' experience. He specializes in forensic engineering accident analysis; materials and metallurgical consulting; industrial materials applications and design failures; electrical fire source determination; and archeo-materials investigations.  He is experienced in multiple engineering disciplines and potential impacts of materials, high temperature, environmental, and circumstantial conditions.

This expert has provided expert testimony as to his findings in courts of law in the United States and internationally.