011303 Civil Structural Engineer

This expert has substantial engineering experience on both domestic and international projects in the areas of project/construction management, consulting engineering, design, contract administration and construction claims analysis and resolution.  He has provided expert testimony in mediation, arbitration, and various courts on issues of engineering and construction. He has been the lead engineer for security/threat/vulnerability analyses and design for a major utility and several port and transportation facilities on the East Coast. His professional experience includes the design of structures, environmental engineering remediation, building codes, civil engineering, construction, construction safety, explosions, forensic engineering, geotechnical engineering, mining, safety engineering, seismology, and vibration analysis.  This expert developed his expertise through education and practice in the areas of structural, environmental and civil engineering.  This expert is a recognized expert in engineering standards and codes including BOCA, ANSI, ASTM and EPA regulations. He has taught civil and structural engineering courses at the United States Military Academy. He presents seminars and courses to industry interest groups and has been a speaker at national and international conferences. This expert has also produced deposition and court testimony in support of litigation as an expert witness.

011145 Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics Consultant

Civil engineer specializing in structural dynamics, wind and earthquake engineering. His research interests include various aspects of structural dynamics, system identification, flow-induced vibration, earthquake engineering, and wind engineering.Working in collaboration with another professor, he established an experimental research program on aero-elasticity and aerodynamics of civil engineering structures using the low-turbulence Corrsin wind tunnel at Johns Hopkins.

This expert has collaborated on a number of bridge aerodynamics projects, including the aerodynamic analysis of the Baytown (Houston) Bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge in San Francisco, the Central Bridge in Cincinnati, the Kap Shui Mun Bridge in Hong Kong, the Seohae Bridge in Korea, and the Carquinez Straits Bridge in California.  His long-standing interest and involvement in wind related problems associated with long-span bridges has led more recently to active involvement in stay vibration problems associated with cable-stayed bridges.

011263 Senior Civil and Structural Engineer

Senior Civil and Structural Engineer


He is a Senior Civil and Structural Engineer with over thirty-six years experience in the construction industry with specialization in construction project management, construction cost estimating, and investigation of civil and structural engineering design, defects, and failures.

He provides consulting on structural engineering issues with regard to building damage, repair, and collapse.  He has also investigated numerous cases involving origin, cause, and remediation of water infiltration and damage, including water entrance into building structures and site drainage issues.

He has provided professional construction consulting with regard to construction cost estimating.  He is a registered Certified Cost Engineer (C.C.E.) and has been an expert witness on construction claim issues. 

011152 Environmental and Civil Engineer Consultant

Environmental and Civil Engineer, has many years of professional environmental and engineering experience in a variety of managerial and technical capacities. Provides business/industrial consulting on environmental strategies, regulatory requirements, and permitting.  His fields of expertise include: overall use of resources as they affect the environment; water, wastewater, storm water and flood control; hazardous waste and risk management issues; solid waste management, waste minimization; air and water quality, pollution control; site development, infrastructure; arbitration of construction and other contract disputes; and organizational, managerial and acquisition issues.


He is a qualified expert and has presented testimony as to findings in courts of law.

011252 Civil Engineer Consultant

He is a versatile Civil Engineer who has strongly advocated his clients’ interests for over 30-years. His forensic focus is design, contracts, construction, permits, and operations of roadways, buildings, and site properties. His services include field investigations, review of technical and contractual documentation, interviews, research and analysis, development of options and recommendations, authoritative reports, and expert witnessing. With a reputation of high ethics, diligence, and good discretion, he confirms actions and responsible parties, and negotiates favorable client outcomes with third parties such as regulatory and government agencies. His appreciation of interdisciplinary integration allows him to either lead or provide a supporting role in a team environment for a wide range of jurisdictions and clients. He can be counted on for the following:

• Stormwater and Drainage Concerns – ponds, culverts, inlets, flooding, ESD, rainfall and hydrologic modeling, building discharges, combined sewers, and storm drain repairs
• Erosion and Sediment Complaints – permit compliance, proper sequencing, scour protection and mitigation measures, grading, and environmental protection.
• Bid Support - quality assurance of contract documents, constructability and cost estimates, and contractor price and technical proposals
• Construction Conflicts and Claims – disputes, change order and shop drawing reviews, materials selection, RFI, compliance orders, redline revisions, and claims for time or money
• Roadways – safety audits (design standards against actual field conditions), ADA compliance investigations, and automotive and pedestrian crash studies
• Insurance and Legal Investigations – cause and origin studies for reported loses such as sinkholes, hail, mold, termites, storms, etc. or post construction including code analysis
• Buildings and Site Work – demolition and restoration consulting, operation and system needs, utility design and placement, architect coordination, and permit coordination  

011284 Structural/Civil and Mechanical Engineer

Structural/Civil and Mechanical Engineer

He has a P.E., S.E., and Ph.D. with over 30 years of broad engineering experience in all aspects of the construction process: from design through construction and service. He has effectively served as an expert witness and litigation advisor on hundreds of cases in the past decade. He has advised in construction defect, building collapse, system and material failures, product liability, personal injury, construction work site injuries, multi-employer worksite matters, as well as building code compliance and insurance claims throughout the mid-Atlantic region. His expertise in structural/civil and mechanical engineering allows a broad perspective of potential matters beyond the traditional engineering solutions while bringing powerful engineering tools and concepts such as finite element methods and numerical modeling to bear on the issues at hand. He is a practicing Licensed Professional Engineer in Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, and Delaware, a practicing Licensed Structural Engineer in Washington, D.C., and a Model PE NCEES record holder. He is a current member of the New York City Building Code Revision Committee for 2018.


011298 Structural Engineer

Structural Engineer

He is a structural engineer who holds a doctoral degree in civil engineering and PE licenses in Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.  He has more than twenty years of experience in the engineering design and project management of buildings, bridges and industrial projects. He has a strong knowledge of codes and regulations, combined with proven computer skills.