011257 Senior Aeronautical Engineer and Developmental Test Pilot

Senior Aeronautical Engineer and Developmental Test Pilot

Aviation Summary
A senior aeronautical engineer who served 20 years in the Navy as a proven aviator with four operational cruises & 500 traps.  He has over 27 years of developmental test pilot experience, and an accident free career with over 5300 hours. His certificates include ATP, Commercial Pilot: MEL, SEL, and Commercial Glider. His most recent experience is as chief test pilot for commercial space vehicles.

Flight Time (Military ~ 4,000 / Commercial ~1,400)
Total Time ................5400  Total Instruments .......1350     F/A-18 .......... 1492
Pilot-in-Command ....3610  Actual Instruments .......675    A-7 ............... 1579
Multiengine Jet .........2625  Night ............................790    A-6 ................. 186
Single Engine Jet ......1880  Single Engine Prop ......360    A-4 / T-2 ........ 522

Commercial Vehicles
Roton / WhiteKnightOne / SpaceShipOne / WhiteKnightTwo / SpaceShipTwo / Proteus / Long-Ez / Firebird / Boomerang / Beech Duchess / Grumman Tiger / Extra 300 / Beech Star Ship / Adam Aircraft

011168 Human Factors and Safety Engineer Consultant

A Registered Professional Engineer (safety), Certified Safety Professional, and Master’s Level Psychologist specializing in technical aspects of applied human factors engineering and safety.  For over 30 years, both as a corporate safety director and private consultant, this expert has provided a variety of organizations, including private industry, governmental organizations, and the legal and insurance community with technical assistance on safety and human factors engineering issues.

In addition, he serves as a member of numerous national consensus standard committees including: ASTM Committee No. E-34 on Occupational Health and Safety; ASTM Subcommittee E34.85 on Ergonomics; ANSI A-10 Committee on Safety Requirements for Construction and Demolition; ANSI A-10.2 Subcommittee on Standard for Safety, Health, and Environmental Training; and is chairperson for the ANSI A-10.39 Subcommittee on Safety Audit Procedures.  As an Accredited Occupational Safety and Health Instructor through the U.S. Department of Labor (OSHA), this expert has taught Accredited OSHA Safety courses through The National Resource Center for OSHA Training under a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor.  In addition, he has been an instructor in human factors and safety at Community College of Baltimore County and numerous safety topics for the National Safety Council and the Safety Council of Maryland.

Has provided technical consultations that have been utilized by the insurance and legal communities for expert testimony, pretrial, and trial preparation in cases involving construction safety, product safety analysis, hazard analysis, hazard warning analysis, failure analysis, and human factors engineering analysis with respect to private, product, commercial, and industrial accident reconstruction.

Has provided expert testimony as to findings in courts of law.

011199 Human Performance Consultant

Human Performance Consultant with over 30 years of experience in human performance investigation; in which 26 of those years were with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in Washington, DC.  Human performance issues involved in transportation accidents include speech analysis, fatigue, operator impairment, crew coordination, cockpit design, automation, and corporate culture.

Subsequent to his retirement from the NTSB, he participated as a consultant and expert witness in investigations, such as: Technical Specialist for Spanish government agency CIAIAC on the Air Algérie MD-83 accident near Gossi, Mali; Asiana Airlines in connection with Flight 214 accident at San Francisco CA ;  Independent Pilots Association in connection with UPS Flight 1354 accident at Birmingham, AL; Gulfstream Aerospace G IV accident at Hanscom Field, MA, and consultant to aircraft underwriters in the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappearance.

He has also served as an expert witness for the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee (technical factors limiting speech lie detection) and U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Postal Service (prosecution of manufacturers of an alleged speech lie detector).

011201 Human Resource Consultant

Over twelve years of experience in Human Resource Management, working for a variety of organizations to include financial institutions; a mechanical contractor and software companies.

During her career she has independently created two Human Resources departments. This included an assessment and later development of policies and procedures for the complete employee life cycle from recruitment to termination as well as internal company policies, procedures and practices. She has served as mediator during employee conflicts; performed internal investigations; counseled employees and managers.

She has extensive knowledge in employee relations and conflict resolution throughout her tenure. She has outlined and advised on the correction of behavior and conduct that is prohibited and not to be tolerated in the workplace, such as theft; workplace violence; falsification of documents; insubordination; failure to observe work schedules; and unlawful harassment or discrimination. She has developed and trained managers on the use of Performance Improvement Plans (PIP) to mitigate risk to the company and display of respect for the employees. She has worked in organizations comprised of employees with various skill levels. Each posing their own unique personnel challenges.