011166 Senior Metallurgist and Materials Engineer

Senior Metallurgist and Materials Engineer with substantial experience in the materials, metallurgical and mechanical engineering fields. He has worked in research laboratories, including the Ballistics Research Laboratory at Aberdeen Proving Ground. He has taught at the U. S. Naval Academy and continues to teach in university and industrial settings. Has directed and administered nuclear quality assurance programs for the power industry in the areas of NDE, materials engineering, testing analysis, welding engineering, cathodic protection, coatings engineering, and ASME Codes. He has also controlled and administered the materials engineering aspects of commercial dedication of components for safety-related applications, a program for reactor vessel surveillance capsule testing and evaluations, and a corrosion and coatings program. He has created, controlled, and administered welding engineering, materials testing and evaluation, materials procurement and receipt inspection, and nondestructive examination sections of ASME Section I and VIII, S and U stamp boiler and piping programs for fossil power, and created a quality program for gas supply piping. He was trained as a Level III Examiner in Baltimore Gas and Electric Co.’s NDE program and he has been certified in visual, dye penetrant, magnetic particle, eddy current, ultrasonic, and radiographic examination techniques. He has been an AWS Certified Welding Inspector.

This expert served as Principal Metallurgist for Baltimore Gas and Electric Company for thirteen years.  In that capacity, he investigated, reviewed and approved more than 2500 materials, as well as component and system design problems and failure analyses in power plants from fuel handling to fly ash control equipment and materials. Since 1970, he has analyzed many hundreds of materials engineering problems, and component and system failures for industry, government, and the insurance and legal professions as an independent consultant.

He is an expert in the evaluation of casual factors in failures of materials and engineering systems.


Has provided expert testimony as to his findings in courts of law.

011220 Senior Materials/Mechanical Engineer, P.E., CFEI

Professional Engineer and forensic consultant having experience as a contract service provider of military component source verification and the holder of a Secret Security Clearance.  He has provided residential, marine and marina, and commercial forensic investigative services pertaining to electronic equipment failure; fire; and structural considerations. His expertise includes investigations associated with commercial, industrial, residential facilities, public utilities, and marine and marina weather related insurance claims. Also proficient in the investigation and analysis of electronic equipment interconnect, failure, and fire including printed circuit board fabrication, component assembly and manufacturing process quality control.  His other areas of experience include but are not limited to, management of military and commercial customer technical and business relationships with organizations in China, the Pacific Rim, and U.S. assembly operations, and backplane and PCB facilities; electroforming, multilayer PCB fabrication, through-hole, surface-mount, and system hardware-assembly, and outsourcing; materials and metallurgical failure analysis, and procurement specifications; materials and process development including explosive bonding pertaining to precious metals, ferrous, and non-ferrous metals; stainless steel heat treatment, surface hardening, and corrosion; and fixture development eliminating hydrothermal grown Quartz lattice structure flaws.

011272 Senior Welding Engineer and Inspector

Senior Welding Engineer and Inspector


He is an experienced Welding Engineer with a diverse background in Welding Engineering and Quality Assurance. He is a graduate of The Ohio State University’s Welding Engineering Program and is a current American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector (CWI). He is highly skilled in reviewing welding, quality assurance, procedural, and inspection documentation to assess compliance with required codes, standards, and governing project documentation.  In addition to his engineering experience, he has decades of practical hands-on experience in various sectors of industry, including systems repair (automotive, truck, equipment, etc.), quality assurance (welding, casting, forging, testing, etc.), and vendor development. He excels at relaying information in a relevant fashion; providing easily understandable explanations of complex concepts, distilling jargon down to everyday relatable terms for the layperson while maintaining the use of technically correct terminology and language where appropriate.


011276 Paper Production Consultant

Paper Production Consultant

He is an established expert in paper stock preparation processes, including headbox screening, centrifugal cleaning, refining, thick stock and broke screening. He is knowledgeable in recycled fiber processing, including direct entry fibers, deinking and industrial grade fiber recycling. He also specializes in unit operations include repulsing, cleaning, screening, fractionation, flotation deinking, wash deinking, dispersion, thickening and backwater system design. Proficient at introducing new ideas and technologies based on technical and economic benefits, he has authored multiple papers and delivered many presentations at industry association technical meetings. He has an extensive background in technical sales and marketing throughout the NAFTA region, applying a strong global knowledge base acquired through affiliation with European and Asian based work teams.



011278 Wood and Paper Sciences Consultant

Wood and Paper Sciences Consultant


He currently serves as an Associate Professor in the Departments of Forest Biomaterials (Wood & Paper Science) and Chemistry and as a faculty in the programs of Fiber & Polymer Science and Environmental Sciences. His laboratory, The Laboratory of Soft Materials & Green Chemistry, probes fundamental materials science topics focused on the green chemistry of renewable polymers. He received his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Florida for modeling photoinduced charge separation states of novel Rhenium (I)-based organometallic ensembles as a first order approximation of photosynthesis. He began his professional career as an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Paper Science and Technology at the Georgia Institute of Technology examining the mechanism of singlet oxygen’s chemistry with lignin & cellulose. A large part of his recent work has been focused on the chemical modification of cellulosics for biomedical applications.


011293 Senior Solid Mechanics and Materials – Aerospace Engineer

Senior Solid Mechanics and Materials – Aerospace Engineer

This expert has a Ph.D. and entered his professional career as a Mechanical and Aerospace engineering student at the University of Dayton where as an undergraduate took advance graduate level aircraft materials courses at the United States Air Force Materials Institute at Wright Patterson Air Force base.  Subsequently he conducted doctoral research, at the Johns Hopkins University, on next generation aircraft materials through the 1990s. He followed his passion for materials science and mechanical engineering along an academic research path of success, balanced by the practical use of applied science to forensic investigations on a variety of subjects.
He earned his Doctoral and Master’s degrees (Materials and Solid Mechanics Thesis) from the John Hopkins University Mechanical Engineering department. Subsequently, he completed his Post-Doctoral work at the University of Cambridge, U.K. the Micromechanics Centre.   As a Fulbright Scholar (Portugal) and National Science Foundation International Research Fellow (United Kingdom), he has proven international enabling skills. He has over 40 indexed peer-reviewed scientific publications with more than 900 citations. He also routinely presents at technical science conferences and is an active reviewer of journal manuscripts. He has more than 25 years of experience teaching and researching materials, metallurgy, solid mechanics and global engineering.

He has considerable expert witness experience with numerous appearances at depositions, trails and has testified in 29 civil actions from May 2014 to October 2018.


011170 Senior Materials Science and Engineering Consultant

Expert 011170 is a Materials Engineer with over 40 years of experience in accident reconstruction, product liability, intellectual property, factory safety, user safety, product design, process development, equipment design, machine guards and user safety. He has extensive experience with thermal and chemical strengthening of glass, including strength analysis and failure analysis. In addition, he was heavily involved in the process development and failure analysis of laminated glass with a previous employer. 

His expertise in failure and analysis includes both materials and design. These analyses include glass damage and failures, as well as metal failures, ceramic structure failures, plastic and rubber component failures, wood product failures, and electronic device failures. He has proven expertise in the analysis of product design as it relates to user safety. As an manufacturing engineer, he is knowledgeable in all aspects including patents, tooling processing, product design, factory safety, quality control, quality verification, reverse engineering, factory procedures, statistical process control and the patent process.  He is a proven expert in the field of manufacturing process evaluation, which includes both the technical and economic viability of processes.

This expert is also knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of elemental surface analysis and laboratory techniques.  This includes scanning and transmission electron microscopy and all forms of spectrographic analysis (EDAX, Auger, SIMS, ISS and FTIR).

He has provided expert testimony as to his findings in courts of law.


011296 Semiconductor Device Physicist / Materials Engineer

Semiconductor Device Physicist / Materials Engineer

This expert has over 15 years of hands-on Silicon Valley R&D experience in materials science and semiconductor physics.  He specializes in semiconductor device physics, particularly in solar cell physics, as well as nanomaterials and devices based on nanomaterials. He is very knowledgeable in coating and thin-film process engineering by many different materials and methods, including synthesis, characterization and analysis, modeling and simulation. 

For several years, he was a visiting professor at Standford University, in their Department of Materials Science and Engineering. For four years he was an associate professor in physics and study director of the Karlstad University in Sweden. He has a strong track record of developing intellectual property, including 30 scientific journal publications, three of which he was the sole author, 16 granted US patents, two as the sole inventor, and 6 pending US patents. He has also participated as a peer reviewer for Applied Physics Letters and Journal of Applied Physics.