011166 Senior Metallurgist and Materials Engineer

Senior Metallurgist and Materials Engineer with substantial experience in the materials, metallurgical and mechanical engineering fields. He has worked in research laboratories, including the Ballistics Research Laboratory at Aberdeen Proving Ground. He has taught at the U. S. Naval Academy and continues to teach in university and industrial settings. Has directed and administered nuclear quality assurance programs for the power industry in the areas of NDE, materials engineering, testing analysis, welding engineering, cathodic protection, coatings engineering, and ASME Codes. He has also controlled and administered the materials engineering aspects of commercial dedication of components for safety-related applications, a program for reactor vessel surveillance capsule testing and evaluations, and a corrosion and coatings program. He has created, controlled, and administered welding engineering, materials testing and evaluation, materials procurement and receipt inspection, and nondestructive examination sections of ASME Section I and VIII, S and U stamp boiler and piping programs for fossil power, and created a quality program for gas supply piping. He was trained as a Level III Examiner in Baltimore Gas and Electric Co.’s NDE program and he has been certified in visual, dye penetrant, magnetic particle, eddy current, ultrasonic, and radiographic examination techniques. He has been an AWS Certified Welding Inspector.

This expert served as Principal Metallurgist for Baltimore Gas and Electric Company for thirteen years.  In that capacity, he investigated, reviewed and approved more than 2500 materials, as well as component and system design problems and failure analyses in power plants from fuel handling to fly ash control equipment and materials. Since 1970, he has analyzed many hundreds of materials engineering problems, and component and system failures for industry, government, and the insurance and legal professions as an independent consultant.

He is an expert in the evaluation of casual factors in failures of materials and engineering systems.


Has provided expert testimony as to his findings in courts of law.

011121 Metallurgical Engineer

A professional Metallurgical Engineer having extensive experience in failure analysis and problem solving.  His formal education was received at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England where he obtained B.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Metallurgy.  His doctoral and post-doctoral research interests were in the areas of high temperature gas solid reactions including oxidation and corrosion.  As a result of his research efforts he was awarded the 1978 Galloway Medal by the Institution of Corrosion Science and Technology in England.

This expert’s experience and training in metallurgical and corrosion engineering has been the foundation of his career as a consultant to the legal and industrial communities.  Early in his career he obtained work experience in the steel making and processing industries at various British Steel Corporation facilities in England.  He was Director of Laboratory Operations at Mettek Laboratories in Santa Ana, California, where he supervised laboratory and office staff in all aspects of the failure analysis and research activities of the company.  He is also a former Principal Engineer with General Electric (Nuclear Energy Division), where he was involved in numerous projects concerned with materials in nuclear power plants in the U.S. and with joint technology programs with Japanese and European companies.  In the course of his consulting activities, this expert has been involved in hundreds of investigations involving materials and components in many applications, including aircraft components, automobiles and other vehicles, tools, pipelines and plumbing, medical implants, chairs, industrial plants, and bicycles.

This expert has extensive testimony experience in both depositions and trials.

011114 Chemical, Metallurgical, and Nuclear Engineer

Chemical, Metallurgical, and Nuclear Engineer with more than twenty years' experience. He specializes in forensic engineering accident analysis; materials and metallurgical consulting; industrial materials applications and design failures; electrical fire source determination; and archeo-materials investigations.  He is experienced in multiple engineering disciplines and potential impacts of materials, high temperature, environmental, and circumstantial conditions.

This expert has provided expert testimony as to his findings in courts of law in the United States and internationally.