011218 Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor Consultant

A commercial pilot and licensed flight instructor with over 50 years’ experience in the flying and piloting of numerous types and sizes of aircraft.  His aviation background also includes service in the U.S. Navy and Navy Reserves; private operation of his own FAA approved flight school, air taxi, air charter, air ambulance, aircraft rental and leasing company; experience as an Instrument Rated FAA commercial pilot; and as a licensed Flight and Ground Instructor. He also has extensive investigative background in antitrust litigation involving fixed base operator and aircraft dealer, as well as complex litigation versus international parties. He has served as an expert witness in aviation cases, and represented numerous pilots and aircraft companies in FAA and NTSB proceedings.

011179 Electrical Engineer and Utilities Operations Consultant

Electrical Engineer and Utilities Operations consultant with many years of forensic, utility and project management experience.  He is an experienced investigator, engineering reviewer, and engineering manager.  He has extensive experience as a senior project engineer with substation design, construction management, customer engineering and system planning experience.

Mr. Simpson has experience with all phases of utility operations including design, distribution, transmission, substation, relaying, generation, plant accounting, systems planning and materials management. He designed and built the first multi story SF-6 gas bus substation involving 69 kV high pressure oil filled pipe type cable supply in the Washington, DC area.; and oil and paper supply feeders include 13kV paper and lead, 34kV and 69kV low-pressure oil filled cable, 69kV, 138kV, and 230kV high-pressure oil filled pipe type cable.  Experience also includes a number of 34kV and 69kV low-pressure oil filled cable river crossings involving armored cable, divers, long high-tension pulls and very critical time schedules.  Construction scheduling and coordinating at project and corporate levels.  Computer system development for construction scheduling and materials management systems.  Materials management experience includes corporate purchasing, stores, inventory control, investment recovery, materials systems and disposal of hazardous waste.

Has acted as an arbitrator and given testimony in depositions and in court.

011247 Director of Clinical Chemistry and Director of Surgical Pathology

An eminently qualified anatomic and clinical pathologist with over 30 years of experience as Director of Clinical Chemistry and Director of Surgical Pathology at a prominent laboratory, ; Chief of Pathology and Associate Pathologist at an award winning hospital center.

He holds a B.S., Honors, University of Maryland and M.D., Magna Cum Laude, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland.  His post graduate training at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Hospital included: Chief Resident Laboratory Medicine; Assistant Resident, Surgical Pathology; Chief Resident, Surgical Pathology; Intern, Assistant Resident, Fellow, Pathology; and Externship, Pathology; as well as Externship, Medicine, Maryland General Hospital; and Externship, Pathology, University of Maryland School of Medicine and Hospital.  He also served as Locum Tenens in Pathology in several hospitals throughout Baltimore, MD and West Virginia.

He is a contributing author in several pathological issues for the Johns Hopkins Medical Journal and the Maryland Medical Journal, as well as other medical publications and abstracts.

He is a licensure of the Board of Medical Examiners, State of Maryland; Healing Art Commission, District of Columbia; and Bureau of Professional Affairs, State of Pennsylvania.

Has given evidence as an expert witness.

011214 Airline Management & Operations, Senior Consultant

A highly-experienced expert in airline management and operations, having been an officer of four airlines and a consultant to approximately 75 airlines.  He has also served close to 100 law firms, financial institutions, vendors, airports, governments, investors, travel distributors, labor groups, and others. He is an innovative, technically-expert, transformational leader who possesses highly diverse aviation and related experience. Has expertise in a wide variety of planning, marketing/sales/commercial, distribution, strategy, financial, fleet, and other aviation matters.  His experience spans airlines of all sizes and types worldwide.

Served as a consulting and testifying expert in courts of law and has testified before the U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board, the U.S. Department of Transportation, the South African Competition Commission, and other regulatory bodies and in arbitrations.

011234 Aviation Safety Analysis Consultant

An experienced Aviation Safety Analyst with over 33 years of aviation experience.  Has held management and supervisory level positions with the Office of the Secretary of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). 

His years of experience have included areas such as:

worked in various safety offices analyzing aircraft accident/incident information and making recommendations to improve aviation safety,
served as expert for Near Mid Air Collisions and as Chairman of the Interagency Task Group on NMACs,
managed the FAA Accident Investigation Quality Assurance Program which involved collecting and analyzing data collected on accident investigations conducted by FAA field personnel,
managed the preparation of Major Accident Fact Books which presented information on major accident investigations to the FAA Administrator and other FAA Senior staff.
coordinated accident/incident data sharing activities with the NTSB, and
served on the Part 135 Aviation Rulemaking Committee which instituted revisions to the Part 135 Order

Currently holds both a private and commercial pilot license and is instrument rated.

011235 Senior Aircraft Managing Engineer

A Senior Aircraft Managing Engineer with over 25 years of program management and structural design of flight control systems /surfaces, aircraft certification, repair station management & FAA contract experience.   He is also highly experienced in accident investigation, aircraft design and analysis engineering, operations and safety. His background includes having served as an airline association technical director with experience in government and industry aviation regulations, as well as extensive FAA certification experience and experience directing an aviation non-profit.

In addition to extensive management experience, he has strong engineering skills in accident and disaster investigation and reconstruction, structural analysis and design of metallic and composite structures, general aircraft design and analysis, operations, inspection and structural repairs, FAA certification of aircraft structures, structural failure predictions, aircraft landing gear engineering maintenance, FAA repair station certification, and he is experienced in Non Destructive Inspection (NDI) techniques for composite structures, and structural testing.

011173 Senior Aerospace Medical Consultant

Senior Aerospace Medical Consultant and Flight Surgeon specializing in accident reconstruction through injury pattern analysis; aerospace medicine and pathology; crew and passenger medical standards; airman certification procedures; human/physiological factors; and forensic, toxicology, and aviation physiology.  Has participated in numerous aircraft accident investigations related to crashworthiness, hypoxia, drug effects, and identification or remains.

011242 Helicopter Pilot, Accident Investigator and Safety Specialist

A very highly experienced helicopter pilot and operations director, as well as an accident investigator and safety specialist. 

A former U.S. Army commissioned officer and helicopter pilot, he served in Vietnam and in the Panama Canal Zone.  Shortly after his distinguished military service, he formed and managed a highly-successful helicopter company in Northern California.  He has managed and conducted a wide range of helicopter operations including FAR Part 135 air carrier operations, flight training, energy exploration, logging, power and pipeline patrol, fire fighting, search and rescue and external load operations.  In addition to operating up to 20 aircraft, the company he founded also performed maintenance and repair as an FAA certified Aircraft Repair Station.


Also has experience in investigating and testifying in helicopter litigation matters.

011231 Aircraft Operations and Regional Airline Operations

An Aircraft Operations and Regional Airline Operations consultant with over 30 years of experience in all types of aircraft operations.  His rating and certifications include: Boeing 737, Cessna-CE-500, Short SD3-30, Beech 1900/300, DeHavilland DHC-8 and DHC-7; and Flight Instructor – ASMEL-Instrument, Gold Seal, Ground Instructor, Aircraft Dispatcher, and Airline Transport Pilot ASMEL

He has held various operations management positions through continental US and Alaska, i.e., Vice President Operations, Raytheon Airline Aviation Services, Wichita Kansas; Chief Operating Officer, FAR 119, FAR 121 Director of Flight Operations Great Lakes Aviation, LTD., Cheyenne, WY; and Chief Operating Officer/UNDAF, Grand Forks, North Dakota.

He is also a published author of many industry papers and manuals.  In addition, he is an experienced speaker and instructor.

011132 Maritime Engineer Consultant

A Marine Engineer specializing in the fields of naval architecture, marine engineering, shipbuilding practices, ship maintenance practices and contract management.  He has developed and presented seminars including improved operational management, and design procedures as well as production quality controls.  The seminars emphasized commercial ship operation and maintenance; design and repair management for commercial ships; and design, production and purchasing management for pleasure and small craft.  This expert is recognized worldwide as a leading expert in the technical interpretation of shipbuilding and ship conversion specifications.

This expert is an experienced Contract Manager on behalf of commercial clients for major contracts for the construction and conversion of major vessels.  He developed and presented training programs to the industry: Fundamentals of Contract Management for Ship Construction, Repair, and Design; Shipyard Management; and The Port Engineer’s Course.  He has additional expertise in assisting the international maritime industry in the planning, development, contracting, management and settlement of projects.  His contracted work has included new construction, major modifications and emergency repairs.  This expert has been the primary drafter of contracts for ship construction and conversion/modification including jumbo ferries, oceanographic research vessels, offshore service vessels, fish catcher/processors, escort tugs and specialized barges.

This expert has provided expert testimony as to his findings in numerous courts of law.