Naval Architect

Flight Data Specialist


Naval Architect, P.E., is a licensed professional naval architect with over 26 years of experience providing engineering services in the areas of stability, strength, resistance, propulsion, vessel controllability, cargo operations, project management, and worldwide logistics support skills. His primary concentrations entail conceptual, preliminary, and contract level design of military to commercial vessels. He is experienced and well versed on ruling authorities such as U.S. Coast Guard (USCG CFR), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), International Maritime Organization (IMO), and Safety of Life At Sea (SOLAS).

011132 Maritime Engineer Consultant

A Marine Engineer specializing in the fields of naval architecture, marine engineering, shipbuilding practices, ship maintenance practices and contract management.  He has developed and presented seminars including improved operational management, and design procedures as well as production quality controls.  The seminars emphasized commercial ship operation and maintenance; design and repair management for commercial ships; and design, production and purchasing management for pleasure and small craft.  This expert is recognized worldwide as a leading expert in the technical interpretation of shipbuilding and ship conversion specifications.

This expert is an experienced Contract Manager on behalf of commercial clients for major contracts for the construction and conversion of major vessels.  He developed and presented training programs to the industry: Fundamentals of Contract Management for Ship Construction, Repair, and Design; Shipyard Management; and The Port Engineer’s Course.  He has additional expertise in assisting the international maritime industry in the planning, development, contracting, management and settlement of projects.  His contracted work has included new construction, major modifications and emergency repairs.  This expert has been the primary drafter of contracts for ship construction and conversion/modification including jumbo ferries, oceanographic research vessels, offshore service vessels, fish catcher/processors, escort tugs and specialized barges.

This expert has provided expert testimony as to his findings in numerous courts of law.



011243 Maritime Transportation Management

Has more than twenty-five years of experience in maritime industry, including various managerial positions focusing on diverse aspects of Maritime Transportation Management

and Ship Technical Management.  He has an extensive technical foundation with advanced degrees and certifications in Marine Engineering.  He is an expert in technical supervision of vessels’ condition and of ship’s power plants; remote assistance and support of the vessel in resolving technical problems enriched by experience as a sea-going Marine Engineer.  Motivated professional with strong analytical, research and administrative skills, experienced in evaluation of vessels performance, basis on various key performance indicators.


Languages:  English, Russian, Ukrainian


011245 Marine Engineer

Has many years of practical marine engineering, operations, and managerial experience; and excellent technical skills with emphasis on diesel propulsion systems and high speed ferry construction management of large projects.  His broad base of knowledge encompasses most facets of vessel operations, including ROROs, tankers, container ships, ferry boats, deck barges, oil barges and crew boats, and tugs, and their maintenance systems, including computerized systems for shipboard maintenance and inventory, electronics, and deck functions.  His expertise in the marine industry has led him to be involved in solving engineering problems, developing safety techniques and training seminars, administering surveys, auditing division activities, and surveying potential purchases, charters, and joint ventures.  He currently provides technical support, training, vessel construction management services, and diesel instruction for the shipping industry, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the Navy, including management of the fastest surface ship in the Navy and the newest and greenest ferryboats in the world.


Has experience testifying in courts of law.