011145 Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics Consultant

Civil engineer specializing in structural dynamics, wind and earthquake engineering. His research interests include various aspects of structural dynamics, system identification, flow-induced vibration, earthquake engineering, and wind engineering.Working in collaboration with another professor, he established an experimental research program on aero-elasticity and aerodynamics of civil engineering structures using the low-turbulence Corrsin wind tunnel at Johns Hopkins.

This expert has collaborated on a number of bridge aerodynamics projects, including the aerodynamic analysis of the Baytown (Houston) Bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge in San Francisco, the Central Bridge in Cincinnati, the Kap Shui Mun Bridge in Hong Kong, the Seohae Bridge in Korea, and the Carquinez Straits Bridge in California.  His long-standing interest and involvement in wind related problems associated with long-span bridges has led more recently to active involvement in stay vibration problems associated with cable-stayed bridges.