Forensic Investigator, Trial Support Specialist

A marine accident investigator certified with the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA). He also has over 20 years of experience in the litigation and claims industries and more than 10 years’ experience in commercial construction operations and management. he leads RTI’s visual aid consulting Imaging Sciences Group, the Unmanned Aircraft (drone), and Evidence Inspection Programs. When in the field, he takes the lead on marine accident investigations, scene documentation and preservation as well as mechanical roof damage inspections. He is also an experienced interactive design and graphic communications professional, specializing in visualizing complex matters for litigation and settlement.

011261 Event Lighting Designer

Event Lighting Designer



This expert  has almost 25 years of professional experience in multiple facets of the lighting business. He is a creative, hands-on professional with expertise in warehouse management, lighting design, and production/show execution.  He started with his current company over 21 years ago and growing with the company has allowed him to become incredibly well-rounded regarding the special event industry.

011126 Telecommunications Specialist

Expert witness in telecommunications for a number of major companies, including AT&T, Verizon, BellSouth, MCI, Covad Communications, Chubb Insurance, Audubon Insurance and other clients involving telecommunications arbitration and litigation, including extensive experience in xDSL technologies for Internet access, unbundling and leasing of local loop facilities, fiber optic cable and copper cable damage claims, equipment damage claims, patent infringement law suits, class action law suits against major regional telephone companies, and cost estimation efforts to assist in due diligence efforts for other consulting companies. Corporate experience included setting major corporate strategy, imaginative and innovative problem solving, in-depth analysis, large scale project management involving engineering, physical construction and Information Services systems development. Expert in fiber optics and electronics. Extensive leadership and technical telecommunications background, especially in outside plant Right of Way acquistion, outside plant design, construction, maintenance, xDSL systems, project implementation, cost estimating, network modeling theory, procurement, and logistics. Experienced lecturer and producer of material for presentations to customers and senior management, and in writing strategic position papers.

011197 Senior Risk Specialist

Senior Risk Specialist with over 35 years’ experience in the telecommunications field, twelve of which have involved the recovery of costs incurred as a result of third party damages. Her duties have included investigating damages to fiber cables, copper cables, service wires, poles, conduits, pedestals, optical equipment, cabinets, buildings, and motor vehicles; reviewing independent damage investigations and police reports to identify at-fault party; and determining man hours, materials, customer services, loss of use, and contractor costs required to repair damaged property.

She is knowledgeable in the intricacies involved with negotiating settlement of demand to recover all costs associated with the damage and the restoral of facilities and property, as well as being experienced in settlement negotiations with all parties and insurance companies.

Splicing and repairing copper, lead, and pulp cables and setting up manhole splices, aerial splices, and buried cable splices; installing aerial and buried terminals; and the reading of cable prints are some of many areas of expertise.  As a construction technician she worked in the digital electronic group and was responsible for turning up and testing Fujitsu products. These products are fiber fed and convert optical signals to electrical signal and back to optical signals for which she was trained while attending fiber fusion school.

She  has testified as an expert pertaining to her duties as a Senior Risk Specialist Manager and has participated in a number of mediations.

011255 Software Engineer

He first entered the software industry in 1997 to work on MicroProse Software’s award winning flight sim European Air War. By 2000 he had developed an animation system for use with Unreal that helped his project win IGN’s Best of E3 award, beating out other highly praised titles such as Microsoft’s Halo.

He has extensive experience in the development of video games, real-time rendering and simulation as well as more traditional end-user applications.


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