011303 Civil Structural Engineer

This expert has substantial engineering experience on both domestic and international projects in the areas of project/construction management, consulting engineering, design, contract administration and construction claims analysis and resolution.  He has provided expert testimony in mediation, arbitration, and various courts on issues of engineering and construction. He has been the lead engineer for security/threat/vulnerability analyses and design for a major utility and several port and transportation facilities on the East Coast. His professional experience includes the design of structures, environmental engineering remediation, building codes, civil engineering, construction, construction safety, explosions, forensic engineering, geotechnical engineering, mining, safety engineering, seismology, and vibration analysis.  This expert developed his expertise through education and practice in the areas of structural, environmental and civil engineering.  This expert is a recognized expert in engineering standards and codes including BOCA, ANSI, ASTM and EPA regulations. He has taught civil and structural engineering courses at the United States Military Academy. He presents seminars and courses to industry interest groups and has been a speaker at national and international conferences. This expert has also produced deposition and court testimony in support of litigation as an expert witness.

011124 Environmental Engineer

An Environmental Engineer specializing in a diversity of environmental disciplines including water, wastewater, and stormwater design, permitting, and regulatory compliance, groundwater remediation, air pollution control, solid and hazardous waste management, spill prevention and response, industrial hygiene, and safety management, with an emphasis on environmental, health, and safety regulatory compliance in the Aviation and Aerospace industry.

011193 Environmental Health and Safety Expert

Environmental Health and Safety Expert



He is a Certified Industrial Hygienist, (M.A., CIH, CHMM, CAC, CDPH), Certified Hazardous Material Manager, and Certified Asbestos/Lead Consultant with over 15 years of experience in industrial hygiene, environmental health and safety evaluations and compliance activities. He has collaborates extensively with several large industrial manufacturing facilities, commercial property management firms, construction firms, state and county government agencies, and school districts. This work has included risk assessments into health and safety hazards in industrial facilities, indoor air quality evaluations of school districts, as well as the development and delivery of lead and asbestos risk management projects for public and commercial projects. He has also conducted industrial hygiene exposure assessments in industrial and commercial environments.  He is additionally actively involved in statewide industrial hygiene work, lecturing and consulting in California and Florida on issues of occupational health. He is currently a member of both the American Industrial Hygiene Association, the Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals, and the Indoor Air Quality Association. He has served as consultant, facilitator, and project manager to several school districts, industrial manufacturing facilities, commercial property managers, and government agencies.
He has conducted asbestos and lead paint pre-renovation and demolition surveys, lead in soil investigations, mold and moisture intrusion investigations, asbestos/lead/mold abatement and remediation oversight and clearances, provided naturally occurring asbestos (NOA) dust mitigation plans and associated air monitoring, environmental due diligence (Phase I and II ESA), asbestos and lead awareness training, and Noise and Chemical Monitoring.

He has testified as an expert witness in over 20 environmental and industrial hygiene cases.

011252 Civil Engineer Consultant

He is a versatile Civil Engineer who has strongly advocated his clients’ interests for over 30-years. His forensic focus is design, contracts, construction, permits, and operations of roadways, buildings, and site properties. His services include field investigations, review of technical and contractual documentation, interviews, research and analysis, development of options and recommendations, authoritative reports, and expert witnessing. With a reputation of high ethics, diligence, and good discretion, he confirms actions and responsible parties, and negotiates favorable client outcomes with third parties such as regulatory and government agencies. His appreciation of interdisciplinary integration allows him to either lead or provide a supporting role in a team environment for a wide range of jurisdictions and clients. He can be counted on for the following:

• Stormwater and Drainage Concerns – ponds, culverts, inlets, flooding, ESD, rainfall and hydrologic modeling, building discharges, combined sewers, and storm drain repairs
• Erosion and Sediment Complaints – permit compliance, proper sequencing, scour protection and mitigation measures, grading, and environmental protection.
• Bid Support - quality assurance of contract documents, constructability and cost estimates, and contractor price and technical proposals
• Construction Conflicts and Claims – disputes, change order and shop drawing reviews, materials selection, RFI, compliance orders, redline revisions, and claims for time or money
• Roadways – safety audits (design standards against actual field conditions), ADA compliance investigations, and automotive and pedestrian crash studies
• Insurance and Legal Investigations – cause and origin studies for reported loses such as sinkholes, hail, mold, termites, storms, etc. or post construction including code analysis
• Buildings and Site Work – demolition and restoration consulting, operation and system needs, utility design and placement, architect coordination, and permit coordination  

011225 Consultant in Entomological Sciences

Entomologist with over 30 years of experience in Entomological Sciences.  He is an Extension Specialist at the University of California, Berkeley, in the Department of Environmental Sciences, Policy, and Management –Division of Organisms & Environment. A frequent speaker, seminar presenter, and guest lecturer for a variety of groups and organizations.  Over the last twenty years, he has given more than 500 presentations.  In addition, he is a recognized author and co-author of numerous publications in Entomological Sciences.

011266 Wood Scientist and Engineer

Wood Scientist and Engineer

This expert specializes in the inspection, assessment, and evaluation of wood and wood-based products used in all aspects of construction, engineering, and design. He has worked with national and international clients, including high profile engineering and architectural firms, government agencies, contractors, builders, homeowners, associations, public administrations, insurance companies and law firms.

He has conducted investigations and expert analyses including, but not limited to: failure analyses; visual grading of lumber and timbers in-situ; mechanical testing; resistance drilling and condition assessments; performance of structural composite lumber; wood species identifications; finish problems associated with wood and wood-based materials; assessment of wood decay; insect attack and marine borers; evaluation of marine and foundation timbers and pilings; microscopy analyses; mechanical testing; solid wood, engineered wood and bamboo flooring investigations; cedar shake and shingle roof and wall installations; furniture design and failure; wooden ladders; moisture intrusion issues in structures; building envelope issues; assessment of mold; performance of wood plastic composites; evaluation of glued laminated timbers; preservative retention analyses; assessment of cooling tower and lumber; analysis of shipping container flooring; and much more.


011276 Paper Production Consultant

Paper Production Consultant

He is an established expert in paper stock preparation processes, including headbox screening, centrifugal cleaning, refining, thick stock and broke screening. He is knowledgeable in recycled fiber processing, including direct entry fibers, deinking and industrial grade fiber recycling. He also specializes in unit operations include repulsing, cleaning, screening, fractionation, flotation deinking, wash deinking, dispersion, thickening and backwater system design. Proficient at introducing new ideas and technologies based on technical and economic benefits, he has authored multiple papers and delivered many presentations at industry association technical meetings. He has an extensive background in technical sales and marketing throughout the NAFTA region, applying a strong global knowledge base acquired through affiliation with European and Asian based work teams.



011278 Wood and Paper Sciences Consultant

Wood and Paper Sciences Consultant


He currently serves as an Associate Professor in the Departments of Forest Biomaterials (Wood & Paper Science) and Chemistry and as a faculty in the programs of Fiber & Polymer Science and Environmental Sciences. His laboratory, The Laboratory of Soft Materials & Green Chemistry, probes fundamental materials science topics focused on the green chemistry of renewable polymers. He received his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Florida for modeling photoinduced charge separation states of novel Rhenium (I)-based organometallic ensembles as a first order approximation of photosynthesis. He began his professional career as an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Paper Science and Technology at the Georgia Institute of Technology examining the mechanism of singlet oxygen’s chemistry with lignin & cellulose. A large part of his recent work has been focused on the chemical modification of cellulosics for biomedical applications.


011281 Senior Arboriculture Consultant

Senior Arboriculture Consultant

He is a seasoned arborist with 40 years of experience, during which he built an extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of arboriculture. His expertise includes tree risk assessment; weighing the costs and benefits in assisting clients to determine acceptable risk levels trees present; and by providing quantitative documentation to support assessments, appraisals, and estimates of the current value of trees on the behalf of property owners. He has successfully established arboricultural consulting practices in two states, specializing in tree appraisal in accordance with current laws, courts decisions, and government regulations. In 2015, he received the title of “Qualified Professional” under Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources Forest Conservation Act, allowing him to conduct Forest Delineations and writing conservation plans.


RTI Group, LLC

RTI is a pioneering, global accident and failure investigation and safety management consultancy serving the legal and insurance markets.  With origins dating back to 1975, our forensic engineering services span comprehensive high-risk industries and transportation operations disciplines, including aviation, marine, rail, utilities, nuclear, explosion, and construction.